Enfolding landscapes: Shell and the mapping of Britain

from Betjeman, Cornwall Illustrated in a Series of Views (1934)

Please email amycutler1985(at)gmail.com if you would like a copy of my study of the material histories of the Shell guides, the types of map-folding in contemporaneous travel guides, and what these bibliographic codes say about the rise of ‘maverick tourism’ (Heathcote, 2009) and the 1930s understanding of highways & byways and the British landscape.


~ by amycutler on September 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Enfolding landscapes: Shell and the mapping of Britain”

  1. Hi Amy, just to say it’s great to see someone investigating the Shell Guides in such detail, far more than my longstanding website about the series. I keep thinking there’s a book to be written on the series but suspect it wouldn’t be a commercial proposition, at least not without sponsorship. Now let me see, who could stump up the cash . . . . . ?

    • Dear Chris,

      Your website seems tremendously helpful by the way! It did strike me as a shame when I looked up the check-out dates and realised I was the last person to get some of the more inspiring Shell Guides out of the library for years.

      I was wondering if perhaps post credit crunch ‘staycationing’ could be a good excuse for a book…? Revived interest in English locations like Cornwall = funding? You never know…

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