Geography and 20th C. British Poetry, Roundtable

Geography and Twentieth Century British Poetry

Round Table, 30th November 2010, 2pm – 4pm

11 Bedford Square, London WC 1



On the 30th November the Landscape Surgery group at Royal Holloway will be hosting a round table from 2 – 4pm in Bedford Square, with the support of the Social and Cultural Geography research group. This will be a forum to follow up the questions coming out of the RGS-IBG conference panel sessions and evening poetry reading which took place on the 2nd September, under the title ‘Geography and Twentieth Century British Poetry’. Contributing speakers and poets from the conference will be invited to take part in this second conversation, which aims to discuss more explicitly the differences and blind spots between the two disciplines.


This aims to develop at a pre-publication stage the conversations which took place at the RGS, and to build on the individual presentations. The format will involve a discussion of a short preliminary reading, which will be sent around beforehand, followed by a chaired panel discussion and Q&A, with spokespeople from literature, geography, and from several interdisciplinary projects in progress. The focus of panel discussants may be theoretical or textual, but the aim of the session is to demonstrate the tools that allow poetry and geography to meet, to suggest the motives behind this, and to expose the areas in which there are still difficulties in communication.


Hayden Lorimer (2008) has written of the growing attraction between geographers and the discipline of poetry. This event aims to evaluate this ‘interdisciplinary attraction’ in terms of the usefulness of each discipline to the other, and also the fall out when combining two different sets of methodologies and principles.


If you would like to take part in the session, please email



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