Distemper Strikes

The rewriting/ re-inscribing of city space was the topic of my last talk (Friday 8th April), which compared the geographical and political structures of Daniel Defoe’s Journal of the Plague Year to those of the contemporary zombie narratives. We pasted ‘God Help Us’ signs and red crosses all over the Centre for Creative Collaboration and then analysed images such as these:

Well done to Peter Jones for also coming in costume to talk about Manzoni’s The Betrothed, and to Jennifer Cooke for (sort of) coming in costume for her part at the end – see her book Legacies of Plague in Literature, Theory and Film. Perhaps there should be more exhibitionistic academic events in costume… we even had a terrifying performance of the contemporary sermon by Thomas Vincent, ‘God’s Terrible Voice in the City’. Turns out the event was attended by a couple of other bloggers too: see Chris’s post and Frank’s post.

By the way, anyone similarly interested in geographical readings of contemporary films should follow up my new project, PASSENGERFILMS – ‘the carcrash of geography and cinema’. I’ve got 1k funding from my department to get cultural geographers and film goers to socialise (the former are very invested in teaching & exploring film, but they never seem to really interact with community projects in the filmgoing communities in London at the moment, some of which are pretty exciting, such as Hackney’s up and coming floating cinema from Studio Pavilion). For info on the monthly screenings and topics see the blog, Twitter (@passengerfilms) or find us on Facebook.

Also, shout out to the Contemporary Centre for Creative Collaboration for being such a confusingly multi-disciplinary venue! On my first visit I stumbled into a woman designing glow in the dark skirts, and also promised someone else to come back to the darkroom to try out my handmade pinhole camera. (Only hope the PhD doesn’t suffer.)


~ by amycutler on April 20, 2011.

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  1. Hi Ami. Sounds as if you have been exploring wyrde realms. A friend of mine refers to the current hot spotting of zombie tales on television/etc as a metaphor for subjectiveless human beings under Capitalism, ie “breathing corpse syndrome”. Michael

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