Passengerfilms wins Best Film Education Programme

The cultural geography cinema I founded and run, Passengerfilms, has just been given a national award! We were the national winners for Best Film Education Programme at the British Federation of Film Societies (BFFS) awards ceremony last night at the Ciné lumière, which is dedicated to recognising outstanding work in film exhibition in the UK. The win is profiled here on the Royal Holloway main website.

For the last year and a half we’ve been running monthly public cinema screenings on themes from cultural geography, combining classic, cult, and obscure features with archival shorts, experimental shorts, and talks by researchers and directors (as well as drinks and discussion). We were given the award for the innovative way we bring discussions from cultural geography to the film-going communities in London.

This academic year we’ll be starting again on Oct 22nd with a screening related to the borders of Canada – not giving too much away just yet, but check on the site, where you can subscribe to the mailing list, as well as see our previous nights, speakers, and testimonies. (Themes so far have included virtual space, urban planning, surveillance, human-animal space, navigation, eco-horror, architecture, backwoods, vertical space, and guerrilla projection… ). If you’re interested, you can also follow us on Twitter and on Facebook.

Very flattered to have got the award, and just planning a night to drink the champagne we got from the Motion Picture Licensing Company… thanks to everyone who has attended Passengerfilms, as speakers or audience, and who has supported us so far!

photo credit: Mark Epstein


~ by amycutler on September 23, 2012.

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