Oystercatcher Press

I am very pleased to say that Oystercatcher Press, that doyen of small series poetry, will be publishing my ‘Nostalgia Forest’ in 2013. Peter Riley has recently written on Oystercatcher Press for the Fortnightly Review here, discussing its range of concepts within the continuity of modernism. Oystercatcher’s recent Shearsman anthology, Sea Pie, brings together examples from all of its previous books, confirming its importance (it has also won the Michael Marks Award ‘for outstanding UK publisher of poetry in pamphlet form’). Some pages from Sea Pie are available online here.

nostalgia forest cover

”Nostalgia Forest’ (2013, Oystercatcher Press) uses only text drawn from Paul Ricoeur’s Memory, History, Forgetting (2000). The diagrams are all sourced from dendrochronology (tree-ring reading) manuals. Cat-face scars, impact scars, and red-rot infection appear in the catalogue of figures for individual and collective remembrance, alongside a writing-through of Ricoeur’s text on the philosophical misfortunes of memory.’

Further details (ISBN, etc.) will follow in a few months.


~ by amycutler on February 27, 2013.

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    Amy Cutler (Ph.D. candidate) is publishing a short book drawn from her research into forests, dendrochronology, and collective memory.

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