Nostalgia Forest


I am very excited to say my first publication is now available from Oystercatcher Press here.

Amy Cutler      Nostalgia Forest

ISBN: 978-1-905885-59-6    40pp   (£6 inc UK postage – postage elsewhere at cost)

‘Nostalgia Forest’ uses only text drawn from Paul Ricoeur’s Memory, History, Forgetting (2000). The diagrams are all sourced from dendrochronology (tree-ring reading) manuals. Cat-face scars, impact scars, and red-rot infection appear in the catalogue of figures for individual and collective remembrance, alongside a writing-through of Ricoeur’s text on the philosophical misfortunes of memory.

Amy Cutler edits the online series Land Diagrams, and has published poetry with Intercapillary Space, Renscombe Press, Lex-ICON, and The Bee Bole. She is currently completing a PhD in geography called ‘Language disembarked: the coast and the forest in modern British poetry’.

Amy Cutler’s works here are brain scans of arboreal memory, cones of time lapse poetry, fresh, useful, arresting paradoxes delivered direct to the hippocampus.

(Gerry Loose)

Times lived and unlived are here exposed to a tree-given grain, or what is only decipherable via model dendrochronological images, but reopened as dim memories or near oblivions by Amy Cutler’s deftly juxtaposed Ricoeurian captions. Though any forest memory may be at best like one of Aristotle’s ‘shaggy waxes’, these diagrammatic profiles offer intimations of calamity or nurture, or a tonal or atonal transversal of timber, itself an astute truncation of nostalgia’s own magnetic time-intervals.

(Peter Larkin)

Oystercatcher Press pamphlets  may be ordered from     4 Coastguard Cottages, Old Hunstanton, Norfolk PE36 6EL.

Cheques payable to P Hughes.

To celebrate the release of the booklet, I’m also making some tiny (10×10) Nostalgia Forest canvas panels, in gold or ochre (with dendrochronological diagrams in black) – see below. Each one is unique, and they will each go out to anyone who pledges on the Forest Memory exhibition Kickstarter page – one of the incentives for anyone who can help with the costs of setting up the collective exhibition in June, ‘Time, the deer, is in the wood of Hallaig’, which will range from natural history specimens and museum objects to book works, wood works, and films and sounds by various artists. Full details of the exhibition are on the Kickstarter page, so please do consider supporting, or sharing it with friends and colleagues! I’ll be launching the ‘Nostalgia Forest’ book on the opening night/ first view of the exhibition, Thursday the 6th June.


photo (5)

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    One of our Landscape Surgeons, Amy Cutler (Ph.D. candidate), has published a small poetry book drawn from her research into the historical geography of forests, out today from Oystercatcher Press.

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