Four days left on forest Kickstarter!

As there are only four days now left on the Forest Memory exhibition Kickstarter, I thought I would write a quick post about the project. We’re currently budgeting, so it would be lovely if people could keep sharing the Kickstarter at this point, and/or contribute if you haven’t (there are rewards!). For some of the new items we’ve confirmed for the exhibition, we’re navigating some extra fees for reproduction permissions, and also for the transport of certain wood pieces (particularly tricky with a one metre bog yew specimen!). So it will be great to make as mileage as possible in the last moments before the Kickstarter expires, at midnight on Tuesday the 30th April.

Some updates on the exhibition as we start putting everything into place:


Julian Konczak has confirmed that he will be showcasing some examples from his series of works made as part of his project The Interactive Forest. His images, like the one above, are of small paratextual details (maps, front matter, back matter, end papers, illustrations, printed emblems, etc.), all taken from antiquarian sources about the New Forest. Two more examples, below;



In terms of specimens, Dr. Nicholas Branch at the University of Reading is currently, with his technician, impregnating a wood peat core sample with resin for the exhibition. This will turn it into a rock hard sample in which evidence can be seen of forests which now no longer exist, preserved in the peat. Meanwhile, we will be visiting Dr. Martin Bridge at his dendrochronology (tree ring) lab at UCL on Monday, and having a look at possible examples of tree rings/ wood slices which we can show.

Meanwhile, we are looking into the London Metropolitan archive of photographs and the Collage database, to source archival photographs of people’s interactions with trees and forests – such as this image of primary school children measuring the height of a tree and this image of two boys playing with model logging equipment (made out of cardboard and matchboxes).


We have also sourced permissions for a number of archival aerial photographs of forests, often from damaged negatives (see above: Great Styles Wood, Frostlane, from the north-east, 1928). In the early years of aerial photography in the twentieth century, many of these images are subject to flare and other kinds of damage. From the English Heritage archives, we are also have arranged permissions to show some more early twentieth century photography, such as this photograph, below, of the moss reserve at Shotover Hill. Shotover was a Royal Forest from the time of the Doomsday book until 1660, by which time the woodland was in such poor condition that it was no longer subject to forest laws.


Finally, I have had a great amount of help from Cees de Boer, Alec Finlay, and Peter Foolen in gathering together a number of works by herman de vries for display in the exhibition. Cees will be loaning In Memory of the Scottish Forests and The Ashes of a Pine, and Peter will be loaning Fragments from the Forest Floor. Below are several de vries images taken from the Mel Gooding catalogue of his work, which will also be on display.




So please do share or contribute to the Kickstarter if you’re available, to support the ongoing preparation and work. We’ll be visiting the belfry space in Bethnal Green on Monday night (29th) and then chatting and brainstorming in the pub, so plans will soon be afoot for installation…


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    Ph.D. candidate Amy Cutler shares some of the images from the forthcoming exhibition on forests, memory, and history. A number of Landscape Surgeons will be working on the installation next month.

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