Excavations & Estuaries

On Saturday the 25th May I’ll be talking about coastal literature at a public seminar at Abbey Walk Gallery, on the North East coast, for the exhibition Excavations and Estuaries: the Nature of Landscape (24th April – 1st June). The full information on the exhibition is in the Excavations & Estuaries Press Release (click to download), and the programme for the day seminar follows below. It brings together artists and academics including, alongside myself, Harriet Tarlo, Judith Tucker, David Ainley, David Walker Barker, Joy Sleeman, Jeremy Leigh, and curator Linda Ingham. (There is a curator Q&A on the exhibition’s themes here.)

e&e seminar

David Ainley


The conventions of landscape painting conceal as much as they reveal about our environment.  The manner and significance of this occlusion, and the remedy that lies at the heart of David Ainley’s critical engagement with painting, will be explored with references to aspects of mining and quarrying that unearth the success and failure of the genre.

David Walker Barker


The Earth continually remakes itself; from its innermost core to the living patina that clothes its surface, its splendour constructed from its eroding ruins. Breaking down and reforming is part of the slow transformation of all things, of history happening in cycles, the eternal recurrence of the same.

In Conversation: David Walker Barker and David Ainley discuss the overlapping concerns and elements within their practice.

Harriet Tarlo & Judith Tucker

BETWEEN LINES IN SPACE: drawing and writing in landscape

In this talk the poet, Harriet Tarlo, and artist, Judith Tucker, will reflect on how drawing and poetry, in conversation with each other, can present an audience with an enriched perspective of specific places. Having worked together for two years in West Yorkshire, Harriet and Judith will discuss their new Estuaries and Excavations collaboration exploring the mouth of the Humber between Cleethorpes and Tetney. Early stages of this work are presented as drawings and short poems-for-the-wall in the current exhibition at Abbey Walk Gallery. The presentation will include a reading of some of the poems.

Amy Cutler

MEN SIGN THE SEA: modern poetry on Britain’s North Sea coast

Amy Cutler will discuss coastal literatures of Northumbria and Yorkshire and their ‘long memory of the shore and sea’ (Mottram), particularly bringing out the Norse influences in texts by Colin Simms (No North Western Passage), Bill Griffiths (Fishing and Folk: Life and Dialect on the Northumbrian Coast), Eric Mottram (Raids: Knot and Keel’), and Katrina Porteous (The Blue Lonnen). She’ll make illustrated references to the links between language and invasions, coastal history, and ship-sailing.

Joy Sleeman


Joy Sleeman will offer a response to Excavations and Estuaries relating to themes emerging from her work on the current survey exhibition, Uncommon Ground: Land art in Britain 1966-1979 (Southampton City Art Gallery, 10 May – 3 August), and her wider research in the field of landscape and Land art.

Q & A

Part of David Ainley's installation on Derbyshire mining landscapes - Excavations and Estuaries

Part of David Ainley’s installation on Derbyshire mining landscapes – Excavations and Estuaries

Jeremy Leigh installation - Excavations and Estuaries

Jeremy Leigh installation – Excavations and Estuaries

David Walker Barker's cabinet and installation - Excavations and Estuaries

David Walker Barker cabinet and installation – Excavations and Estuaries

Linda Ingham installation - Excavations and Estuaries

Linda Ingham installation – Excavations and Estuaries

Susan Derges installation - Excavations and Estuaries

Susan Derges installation – Excavations and Estuaries

Judith Tucker and Harriet Tarlo installation - Excavations and Estuaries

Judith Tucker and Harriet Tarlo installation – Excavations and Estuaries

The coastal landscape of North East Lincolnshire explored in a major new series of exhibitions and events to be shown over two years starting on 24th April 2013 with a show at the Abbey Walk Gallery in Grimsby. The ambitious project masterminded by artist-curator Linda Ingham shows work by some of the UK’s most experimental landscape artists and includes works on loan from The Arts Council Collection – the first time that this collection has been accessed in the region.

“Excavations & Estuaries is a project concerned with the physical stuff of landscape and our relationship to it. People don’t only reside within and upon our landscape; we mine, and excavate the land, using it to fulfill a whole range of material, economic, social and spiritual needs. The artists, academics and poets involved in this detailed two-year project explore these themes, through the window of the territory of North East Lincolnshire and surrounding counties, to offer visitors a series of questions and illuminations.” Linda Ingham

24th April – 1st June
Leading artists come together for two-year art project on the landscape of North East Lincolnshire

6pm-8pm Private View with reading by poet Harriet Tarlo.

Saturday 4th May Art & Landscape: Material, Process and Product: Workshop led by David Ainley – 1pm-4pm. £25 (no concs).

Friday 10th May The Urban Landscape: Evening workshop with Tina Waller. £20.

Saturday 11th May Talking Landscapes: A cross media event with painting, film and music with artist Robert Priseman, film-maker
Annabel McCourt and composer David Power, 2pm-5pm. £10/£8 concs.

Friday 24th May Estuary Walk & Full Day Workshop
Commissioned artist, Judith Tucker and poet, Harriet Tarlo introduce their work, and the Humber estuary in a cross-participation workshop in which the participants will experience and explore landscape and place through words and imagery. £35 full day, £30 students.

Saturday 25th May Excavations & Estuaries Seminar
A full-day seminar led by leading academics and artists Joy Sleeman, David Walker Barker, David Ainley, Judith Tucker, Harriet Tarlo and Amy Cutler. 10am-4pm. £15.
Please telephone 01472 241007 or email art@abbeywalkgallery.com to book your place

Press Contact:
Jessica Wood, Artsinform Communications Ltd.

The project includes:
• The remarkable camera-less photography of Susan Derges who has recently shown in the Shadow Catchers exhibition the Victoria & Albert Museum.
• A joint visual and verbal arts exhibit by artist Judith Tucker and poet Harriet Tarlo who been have been commissioned to create a series of drawings, paintings and poetry which express their responses to a particular stretch of the coastline between Cleethorpes and Tetney.
• Cabinets of Curiosity by David Walker Barker that contain artefacts and objects literally excavated from the earth, accompanied by rich and detailed mixed media paintings.
• Paintings and drawings by David Ainley that explore the relationship between people and landscape and take inspiration from the disused mines in Derbyshire.
• Richly impastoed canvases depicting the Thames Estuary by George Rowlett who began his career at Grimsby Arts College before going on to the Royal Academy.
• Drawn and mixed-media studies by artist-curator Linda Ingham that focus on self-portraiture in landscape and her concerns about the coastal landscape of her home in Cleethorpes.

Abbey Walk Gallery
8 Abbey Walk, Grimsby,North East Lincolnshire, DN31 1NB
Tel: +44 (0)1472 241007
Abbey Walk Gallery on Facebook
Email: art@abbeywalkgallery.com
Open: Tues-Sat, 9am-5pm

Curator: Linda Ingham

Artist-curator Linda Ingham lives and works from her coastal studio in North East Lincolnshire. Whilst she is the person behind two successful arts projects which bring high- level art into the area, she also exhibits widely, and regularly teaches on the Fine Art degree course at Leeds University School of Design.
Her own work focuses somewhat on self-portraiture – in particular, imagery depicting her concerns arising from the coastal landscape and place she calls home. It is these subjects combined that prompt The Nature of Landscape project, which focuses on landscape and place, and the Head & Whole project, which concentrates on human form in the visual arts. Both projects not only include a variety of art forms, but also act as a platform for research within the subjects and related areas, providing stimulating educational opportunities from academia to family learning.

Nature of landscape exhibition page on Facebook


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