Time, the deer, is in the wood of Hallaig: 6-11th June


Time, the deer, is in the wood of Hallaig                                            /                                             Tha tìm, am fiadh, an Coille Hallaig

This free exhibition investigates the properties of forest memory through text, archive, and ‘xylarium’, or wood collection. Between the French horticultural term “forest trauma” and Robert Pogue Harrison’s “forests of nostalgia”, a whole discipline around history, witnessing, and the memorial qualities of woodland opens up.  Art works examining the cultural expression of time and history in the forest are placed here alongside archival photographs, small press texts, artefacts, and museum objects, in an old, low-lit belfry designed by Sir John Soane.

But, mean glory of the world, / misshapen memory of other seasons, / the forest remains

–          Andrea Zanzotto

We would like to invite you to the opening night on Thursday the 6th June, beginning at 7.30pm, with free wine and performances by David Chatton Barker, Rob St. John, and Sam and the Plants, using instruments made of found wood. We would particularly like to invite those who may be keen to review, blog, or photograph the exhibition, as well as to meet the people involved.


A candle-lit collection on forests, memory, and social and natural history ● Cabinets of book works, wood works, paintings, drawings, prints, film projection, and music ● Wood specimens and photographs from Kew’s Museum of Economic Botany, English Heritage, the Epping Forest archive, the London Metropolitan Archives, and local collectors ● Tree ring slices and materials from dendrochronology labs ● Installations and one-off editions from forty artists, including Colin Sackett, Chris Drury, Bryan Nash Gill, Richard Skelton, herman de vries, Katsutoshi Yuasa, and Stefka Mueller

The Belfry art gallery (Grade 1 listed), St John on Bethnal Green, 200 Cambridge Heath Road, E2 9PA

Opening night: Thursday 6th June, 7.30pm till late: Super 8 visuals and wood music by David Chatton Barker, Sam and the Plants, and Rob St. John, with exhibition viewing, free wine, and Nostalgia Forest book launch (Amy Cutler, Oystercatcher Press)

Normal hours: 6th till 11th June/ weeknights 7-9pm, weekends 12-6pm


This exhibition is taking place with the support of Landscape Surgery at Royal Holloway.

CURATOR: Amy Cutler

ARTISTS / CONTRIBUTORS: Alec Finlay, Peter Larkin, herman de vries, Jeff Hilson, Colin Sackett, Gerry Loose, Justin Hopper, Carol Watts, Camilla Nelson, Anthony Barnett, Edmund Hardy, Una Hamilton Helle, Katsutoshi Yuasa, Richard Skelton, Autumn Richardson, Julian Konczak, Bryan Nash Gill, Amy Cutler, Tom Noonan, Chris Drury, Paul van Dijk, Frances Hatherley, David Chatton Barker, James Aldridge, Chris Paul Daniels, Frances Presley, Stefka Mueller, Gail Ritchie, Christina White, Paul Gough, Morven Gregor, Perdita Phillips, Amy Todman, Peter Jaeger, Zoe Hope, Zoë Skoulding, Peter Foolen, Phil Smith /  Mythogeography, Cees de Boer, Carlea Holl-Jensen, Tony Lopez, Will Montgomery, Michael Hampton, Kate Morrell, Ben Borek, Natalia Janota, John WebbSung Hee Jin, Martin Bridge, Nicholas Branch, Mike Baillie, Mark Nesbitt

WITH THANKS: John Wylie, Jo Norcup, Edwin Matless, Giles Goodland, Justin Hopper, Kris Rockwell, Jamie Wilkes, Sally Davies, Sally Armisen, Peggy Seymour, Sean Powley, Amy Francis-Smith, Richard, Neville Midwood, Nicholas, Liberty Rowley, Lee Wagstaff, Susan Holl, Carlea Holl-Jensen, Esther Rowley, Mark James, Susan Wright, Matthew Riley, Felix Driver, Harriet Hall, Cara Jessop, Thomas Jellis, Andrew Ray, Matthew Sperling, Candice Boyd, Katie Murphy, Louise Joly, Camilla Nelson, Alice Clark, Innes Keighren, Peter Larkin, Sue Edney, Tilla Brading, Jo Norcup, Sandra Wright, Hilary Orange, Simon Howard, Edmund Hardy, Jenny O’Sullivan, Alexandra Parsons, Charlotte Jones, Sefryn Penrose, Paul Warde, Leo Cutler, Clare Williams, Sarah Browncross, Caroline Cornish, Martin Bridge, Xas Arnaud, Diana Hale, Gavin MacGregor, Kate Maxwell, Tim Cresswell


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18 Responses to “Time, the deer, is in the wood of Hallaig: 6-11th June”

  1. Reblogged this on Landscape Surgery and commented:

    Announcement of a free exhibition supported by Landscape Surgery, with the opening night on Thursday the 6th June.

  2. Looking forward to it!

  3. Saw this on the British-Irish poetry list. Looks great. Good luck with putting it all together. Iain

  4. Can’t wait!

  5. as a backer, can I bring a friend on the opening night?

  6. Very pleased i found your blog. I am far away from London but this sounds fantastic.

  7. Wow, this sounds just amazing.

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  9. […] evening (Thursday 6th June) is the opening night of Time, the deer, is in the wood of Hallaig, the free exhibition I’ve put together on the theme of forests, memory, and social / […]

  10. […] you’re in the London area tomorrow, you should check out Amy Cutler’s exhibit Time, the deer, is in the wood of Hallaig, on view at St John on Bethnal Green from June 6-11th.  My artist’s book, “The […]

  11. Hi! Sadly its on for too short a time for me to get there, is there a programme available?

    • yeah, it’s such a shame it had to be such a short time (because I’m actually supposed to be finishing my PhD). Just launched the online catalogue here: http://timethedeer.wordpress.com/ – hopefully if it gets enough interest, it can happen again sometime…

  12. Sounds really interesting. Is the exhibition touring? I’m in Brighton and have friends that would be interested in Cornwall.

  13. […] https://amycutler.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/time-the-deer-is-in-the-wood-of-hallaig-6-11th-june/ […]

  14. […] emerging from the RHUL Department of Geography (for example, from their program PassengerFilms and the exhibition “Time, the deer, is in the wood of Hallaig”). I have collected data that are multi-media, including words, voices, film and photography, and […]

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