Something you didn’t know about Charles Olson

That is, according to Paul Harling who I met at the Gloucester Dive Locker, he was a rubbish fisherman.

Paul Harling

Maximus, to Gloucester: Letter 2

by Charles Olson

. . . . . tell you? ha! who
can tell another how
to manage the swimming?
he was right: people
don’t change. They only stand more
revealed. I,
the light, there, at the corner (because of the big elm
and the reflecting houses) winter or summer stays
as it was when they lived there, in the house the street cuts off
as though it were a fault,
the side’s so sheer
they hid, or tried to hide, the fact the cargo their ships brought back
was black (the Library, too, possibly so founded). The point is
the light does go one way toward the post office,
and quite another way down to Main Street. Nor is that all:
coming from the sea, up Middle, it is more white, very white
as it passes the grey of the Unitarian church. But at Pleasant Street,
it is abruptly

Charles Olson's house, Gloucester, Massachusetts

View from the house, looking out to sea

Charles Olson's Maximus Poems

March 25th was Charles Olson day in Massachusetts.


~ by amycutler on March 29, 2010.

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