Over the Irish Sea & Coastal Conversations


from Allan Sekula's Fish Story

This Thursday and Friday, the Atlantic Archipelagos Research Project is convening at UCD, Dublin, for ‘Over the Irish Sea‘, a symposium on maritime methodologies and the Irish coast, and I will be presenting on alternate traditions of British poetries of coastal passage, including Robert Hampson’s Seaport, Giles Goodland’s Littoral and Gerry Loose’s Eitgal. Those following the topic might also be interested in the screening of Allan Sekula and Noel Burch’s The Forgotten Space (2010), based on writings from Sekula’s Fish Story (2002) about trade’s encoding of the sea, tonight at the Tate with a panel discussion.

The AHRC Landscape and Environment project based at Nottingham has also recently launched Stephen Daniels and Lucy Veale’s Imagining Change: Coastal Conversations, a film essay on contemporary cultural articulations of coastal change. The film can be viewed here, with links to an account of its creation and the interviews with cartographic artist Simon Read, performer Mike Pearson and cultural geographer Caitlin DeSilvey. (Image below by Simon Read.)


~ by amycutler on April 23, 2012.

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